PAT Testing Labels

PAT Labels

Once your electrical items has been through its Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing), you will notice a bunch of labels on your electrical equipment. What are these labels, and what do they mean? PAT Test labels are placed on electrical appliances to let potential users know if they are safe to use, and when the next time is they need to be tested.

There are two types of PAT Testing labels, “Pass” and “Fail.” Labels for passing appliances are green, and provide information about the last time the device was tested. You’ll find out an appliance ID on the tag, along with the date of the test and when the next test is due. On certain devices and labels there may also be a fuse rating listed. This information is usually written with a permanent marker, so it won’t fade or smudge after it has dried.

The second type of sticker is the “Fail” label. These labels are usually red in colour, and denote an electrical appliance that has failed its most recent PAT inspection. If you come across an electrical appliance with a red PAT sticker or label, you should not use that device; it is unsafe to use, and could cause an electrical shock, fire, or other injury.

PAT Testing labels are typically made from a very tough material, so they will not tear or rip easily. Looking for these labels when you are about to utilise an electrical appliance is always a good idea, since the green PAT Test label will tell you the device has been tested and is safe to operate. If you see red on the label, though, you should not use the appliance.

Paying careful attention to PAT stickers is one way to maximise safety in the workplace. PAT testing is conducted for your safety, but only you can ensure that inspection is worth the time and effort it takes to complete it, by watching out for those stickers and avoiding appliances that have failed the inspection.